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Computers, Processes and Management (CPM)
Applying People and Technology to Business

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In Today’s Digital Business

Business has an ever increasing need for technology and the challenge is in delivering this  increasing complexity at a reduce price point. The interrelating of more complex commercial, financial, contractual, risk reward based, service models or technical solutions or a combination of all the above requires not only technology depth, it necessitates how to make it work within your environment, against your competitive threats.

Effective use of Data and Technology aligned to the business strategy is key. To achieve this digital transformation vision and aspiration need to be turned into into value and specific actions.

CPM deliver individual niche services, and a portfolio of integrated capabilities to structure, and deliver.

Today’s digital business yells out for a blending of data, analytics and technology to deliver engaging customer conversations. However, in most organisations these programmes are 12 months away and continue to be 12 months away, failing to deliver. CPM focus on bringing tangible results, within weeks, that decisions can be made upon.

CPM provide pragmatic advice, strategies, plans and delivery focused on your business outcomes.

Our Assurance services include:

Strategic Services for Technology

     Engage expert advisors who understand your business and your architecture, as well as your IT and analytics strategy, to help you stay current with business outcomes

Strategic Services for Big Data Analytics

Define executable strategies to ensure your Big Data challenges are transformed into actionable results, with help from our Strategic Advisors for Big Data.

Digital Transformation

Ensure your Big Data challenges are transformed into actionable results.

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