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 Standardisation of Profit and Loss Accounts  




Key Benefits  

The Solution

A systematic and detailed review was undertaken to identify opportunities for the improvement of the data warehouse and data reporting.  This involved reviewing the data interface formats, standards and translations used for each country including mechanisms for currency translations. This led to reviewing the storage, manipulation, and summation of the results and the structure and design of the datamarts.

Our client received a detailed report identifying deficiencies in the provision of data and mechanisms and approaches to improve data load efficiency and effectiveness. An approach was identified to provide a trusted delivery of financial results taking into account national constraints on data access and infrastructure reliability.

Recommended changes incorporated, design, physical database changes, process changes as well as manipulation sequences to data.  An improved reporting process was developed for national account profit and loss data to be delivered, verified by national accountants and a mechanism for the accountant to approve loaded results.  The system keeps track of who has responded and prompts those who have not responded.

The various components of the reporting sub-system are: Corporate Profit and Loss Account, Continental Profit and Loss Account,  National Profit Loss Account, Account approvers, Assign For Review, Account extrapolation,  Messaging and Scheduling.  

The Challenge

Timely and accurate collation of profit and loss accounts is key to staying in business, driving efficiency and understanding where to maximise revenue. The need to have such accounts co-ordinated and grouped by country, by product and by area typically draws on national, continental and corporate views and typically can expend an inordinate amount of management and accountant time. This can lead to preparation of profit and loss accounts being delayed or worse inconsistent. Our client engaged our support to review and identify efficiencies in the standardisation, review, audit and reporting of national and global profit and loss accounts.

The client is a global player in the delivery of beverage products. It is one of the world's largest brewing and drink product companies.  The client's Corporate profit and loss accounting data warehouse covered all bottled products for all countries, providing a reporting service to  corporate accountants and auditors, as well as national executives. They had the data, they didn’t have insight.