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Computers, Processes and Management (CPM)
Applying People and Technology to Business

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Building Architecture Capability

A good architecture team can drive better solutions, faster at a cheaper cost.

CPM can assess, advise and support the creation of Architecture teams, CPM have built architecture teams and can review the technical, personal and management capabilities of your team.

CPM can clarify objectives and create a roadmap for capability development in terms of tools, processes and skills.CPM in addition to decades of pragmatic architecture management use industry standard architectures methods to develop their career path aligned to your business needs.

This provides:

In a recent assignment

• Reviewed team structure to ensure its “fit for purpose”.
• Defined a plan to enhance the team's talent and address any shortcomings.
• Clearly defined and communicated accountabilities and responsibilities of the team.
• Provided clear enterprise architecture deliverables aligned to the business intent.
• Improved engagement outside the architecture team.
• Fostered a visible sense of ‘team’ within the architecture function.
• Improved efficiency of Architecture service delivery by greater than 50%.
• Implemented Architecture Assurance Programme across projects and programmes, reducing delivery churn by 20%
• Improved architecture standards and promoted re-use, further reducing costs
• Identified spend through misuse of resources within architecture.
• Improved the visibility and perception of value by the architecture team to the business community.

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